Monday, March 15

Me so DUMB!!! Second Edition

First off I'm going to remind you about my Me so DUMB!!! post. If you haven't read it yet, let me suggest you read it now. It's not that long of a post so I hope you do read it before continuing on here.

Back already? You must be a speed reader :D

Ok ok, I'll get on to why I'm so DUMB this time! Sheesh, give a gall some time to get there would ya? You're so impatient!

Well, you see, this winter as I've made mention before, we've had a lot of snow here! I love tobogganing and so would go down the slopes occasionally  with The Kid. Yeah I usually end up a bit stiff and sore the next day, but we always would go (weather permitting) on days when I had the following 2 days off work. The weather lately has been quite nice aside from the ridiculous amounts of fog so the snow is seriously melting. Jeez, wouldn't you know it, yesterday I suggested to The Kid that we go for one more run down the slopes before we can't anymore.

Big Mistake, BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!

She goes down on the inner-tube and it looks like great fun! Uh huh, sure it does! Up the hill she came and handed me the tube so that I could take my turn at it! Yep, that's what happened all right! Every time we've gone down before it's been without anything but our butts to sit on or we lay on our backs, now that was FUN! Ok, so admit, I watched her and thought it would be a Good Idea to try this. After all, the snow was pretty soft and wet and tacky, great for snowballs, not so good for sliding.

So saying, I took the tube and proceeded to have fun going down.

What I didn't know, and which The Kid decided not to inform me of, is that she made a jump at the bottom! When she went down while I was watching, she deftly avoided said jump! I however did not! I went over the jump and landed. Guess what!?! Inner-tubes are made of rubber, people are not! The tube decided to stay where we landed, I did not! I bounced right off that infernal thing and proceeded to land on my neck.

Next thing I knew, there was this loud noise rushing in my ears but naught else. After the noise subsided I took inventory. Could I move my fingers? Check. Could I move my toes? Check again. Ok, so far so good. Sure I hurt all over, but I could move bits of this old body. I opened my eyes, there was The Kid standing over me. She asked if I was ok, I told her I'd live but she could help me get into a standing position.

The afternoon wasn't a total waste, The Kid continued to slide down the hill for a bit with some snowball fighting in between runs. That was fun, while she was sliding I got to watch Luke jump into the snow and absolutely disappear at times. Watching him dig his way out of those holes was fun as well!

But the most fun was part of a walk I went on. I tried to get The Kid to come with me, but she didn't like the idea of crab-walking along the side of the hill towards those rolls of snow that Silv has pictures of. I thought it was a great idea and so I went! I got to the first one and realized that I could climb into it. Once inside I realized it wasn't quite big enough for me to stand in, but sitting there was at least another foot of room over my head. I sat there and just looked around at the inside of this formation for awhile letting the snow melt down onto me when I started to hear a low rumble coming from above me. Well I got out of there pretty quickly! The last thing I wanted was all that  snow coming down on my head in an avalanche taking me with it into the trees below!

There really had been nothing to worry about as when I went back there today, the roll of snow was still there as was the cave. It is always better to be safe than sorry though, and it's not something I plan on doing again, well not this winter anyway!


  1. I love tobogganing! I usually try to land on my ass though, and not on my neck, much more padding... Anyway, I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself. We're having yet another snow storm here, so I'll probably still be tobogganing come June...

  2. "If you play with fire, you might get burned."

    Wait. You said snow. Oh, well.

    I think you have spring fever. It's a disease that's ravaging the south. The primary symptoms are crazy behavior, starting big home projects, and staying up too late at night.

    Be careful up there, GF!


  3. Ah, Skye... you're such a good sport! Just glad you're okay. With my luck I would have broken something for sure!

  4. Ziva - Yeah, I always try to land on my ass as well, maybe I should try for my neck, that may just give me the ass landing I

    Reffie - I definitely have spring fever! The whole staying up late thing won't be a problem though, I get up too early in the morning to be able to do that! 5 am comes far too early as it is!

    Cat Lady - Thanks Hun! Sorry your other comment isn't here, I approved it, but it disappeared! Don't know for sure what had happened, again, sorry!

  5. See, me really so I totally had forgotten about the link to the original So DUMB post and that's where Cat Lady's other comment went. Found it Cat Lady, not only that, but I also responded to it there :D

  6. Lol that sounds a bit scary, hope you're ok ... :) when I was younger I thought snow can't be dangerous. Until I smashed into a tree with my sleigh :P that was some bumpy ride...

  7. That sounds like a bumpy ride alright Poppy! Yes I'm ok, my neck hurt for a few days, but everything is good now :)

  8. nice...i dont know how we made it throught he winter without breaking something as ER prone as my boys are...

  9. I don't know how I've managed it either Brian. What am I saying!?! I don't know how I make it through life, what with all the accidents I keep having! My hands and arms are so scarred from cuts and burns (fresh ones too from just the last couple of days), that I can't really see unmarked skin from my elbows to my fingertips! Sheesh I am such a


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