Sunday, July 12

Well everything but the Lily's in the North Garden are done blooming now, and they've only just got buds on them! So saying there will be a pic of them when they open up :) Just so you know, all my pics should be clickable for enlarging should you be interested!

The rest of these are more pics of the flowers in the south beds as well as my mint patch which I hadn't taken pictures of up till now. The patch doesn't look so pretty at the moment, after taking the pic Silv when and cut them all down. Whoohoo, now I have fresh mint leaves for tea, yay, I do love fresh mint tea!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I have gnomes running around my gardens. Trouble is, as soon as they realize you're looking at them, they freeze. I've never been able to get an actual action shot of them, oh well, perhaps next time *shrugs shoulders*

Last year I only had one bloom on my peonies bush, lucky me, this year I have two! Sorry for the blurry photos though guys, don't know what's wrong with me to take such icky pic's :(

Ah Poppies, lovely flowers. Not a perennial, true, but they sure do reseed themselves from year to year! This one just decided to come up in this bed on it's own this year. Up till now I've only had them along my fence line further south than this particular bed is. Soon I'll have some pics of the actual Poppy Bed which also has some Virginia Creeper in it.

Yep, that's my rain barrel peeking out from behind the Lily's alright! As for the Lily's, well, I know, I took the pic after the first blooms were already done. But no worries, I still have 2 or 3 other kinds of Lily's that need to bloom, they're all budding now, so it shouldn't take much longer for them!

Ah yes, the Day Lily's, a new bloom every day. Sadly they only last a day, but at least there's always at least one fresh bloom all summer long! Yep, another little Gnome, kinda cute though, don't ya think?

Have you ever seen Geraniums like this? I never have prior to my mom's having given them to me. They bloom all summer and are really quite pretty. Trouble is, these things don't quit, I mean, once they start blooming, they take over the whole yard! I have 2 that I want to keep, they lie on either side of the Poppy Bed, this one is to the left and to the left of it is the mint patch. To the right of the other one, is the corner bed where there are a bunch of Day Lily's that have bloomed today for the first time as well as the Peonies and some Irises that haven't bloomed yet. Oh yes, I can't forget all the Pansies aka Johnny Jump-Up's that are in that corner bed along with being in the bed up against the south wall of my house!


  1. Nice pics. I love the lilies. Your Geraniums sounds like our Lantanas.

  2. Keep riunning round your garden - I love your pics and the way you tell us what's on them. :)

  3. Thanks Reffie! I just googled an image of Lantana's as I had never seen them before. They sure are pretty even if the do take over the yard!

    Aw shucks Minka, thank you!

  4. Your flowers are lovely. I only ever get one flower on one peony and two on the other peony and do not know why unless we are supposed to feed them well which I do not do.

  5. I don't feed my peonies either California Girl. All I do with them is the same as with all my other flowers, and that is to keep cleaning out the weeds. To be honest, this is only the second year that they are in bloom, so with one bloom last year, doubled up this year, I'm hoping against hope that next year there will be four blooms.

    How old are your peonies? Mine are fairly young, only having been there for 3 years now, maybe 4. Apparently peonies need to establish themselves for a few years before they really start to give flowers. I don't know that for fact, it's just something I've been told. This same person told me that it takes at least 15 years before they're blooming to their maximum. Who knows, I just enjoy them :) (And they keep the ants out of the house, they love peonies!)


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