Thursday, October 1

At Long Last!

I know it's been a while since I've visited most of you, ok fine, any of you, but I'll be around sometime today or Saturday!

Anyway, on to the reason of this post :)

I had promised that today is the day that you will all learn the winner of my contest to name my homemade granola. Well, I couldn't come up with just one winner, so one person gets the honor of naming the granola and the other has named the trail mix version! Yep, you heard correctly, I've chosen to give this award to two people!

Reforming Geek from Confessions of a Reforming Geek has won the award for naming my granola "Blue Skye's Harvest Granola. Thank you Reffie for your entries and patience in recieving your award!

Etta Rose from Sanity on Edge is the winner for her entry "Skye Crunch" for the trail mix!

Thank you all for your participation and suggestions! There were a lot of good ones to choose from, and some that were just fun to read. I have to admit, it was a really tough choice, thanks again :)

Here's your award to grab Ladies!


  1. wait what?! there was a granola naming contest. this is bullshit.

    it's okay. it is my just punishment for dropping off the face of the earth.

    i'm back.

  2. Thank you, Skye!

    I'm getting hungry just looking at that photo.

    If you want to give out some samples, I'll be the first in line!

  3. Ah Brit, the contest has been going on for a month, sorry you missed it! Truth be told though, I myself have been missing in action for the last 2 weeks or so. My comp died, and I posted this while at a friends. I had wanted to be on longer but something came up for her so I had to leave :( Now I'm on one of the computers at the library, and well only have an hour so I'll do what I can while I can! I'll try to get by to visit you asap!

  4. Reffie, part of the prize is getting a sample, so if you write to me at and send me your addy, I'll be happy to send you a sample of the granola. I just hope you end up liking it as much as I do :D

    By the way, you're most welcome!

  5. LMAO! My Funny Farm was probably not a good marketing idea! LOL!!!!!!!

  6. Ok! Now that we have the names...when do we get to purchase samples?

    This is exciting!!!!

    Welcome back Skye.

    xo, Mango

  7. Hey!
    Yeah you remind me to write and ask Minka where I was and then nothing! I write and noone reads :D
    However,congtatz to Reforming Geek and Etta Rose, your granola looks delicious! :)

  8. Hey Skye, you're back! Hope you get your computer up and running soon... you've been missed. To celebrate your return, I passed on an award to you today over at the CatLady's house.

    And congrats to Reffie and Ettarose! Great names for a great product!

  9. Otin - perhaps it wasn't the best marketing name, but it sure did make me laugh!

    Mango - I'm going to be selling the granola and trail mix as soon as the Farmer's Market re-opens in my town next year. So unfortunately if you want to purchase any, you'll have to come around for a visit ;)

    Poppy - thanks for the compliment :) I'm sorry I haven't been around since that first post you put up when I asked Minka what happened to you, but that's when my computer died and I'm now at the mercy of friends computers and the library's. I'll do my best to be around soon!

    CatLady - thank you ever so much, I'll be around to collect it soon! They are great names, aren't they?

  10. Skye, I am so proud to be declared the winner, well one of the winners. I hope your sales are through the roof. I will post this with pride and will write something in the next day or so. Thank you again!

  11. You're most welcome Etta, and thank you! I hope my sales are good next year as well. If you send me your addy to my e-mail, I'll send you a sampling of both the granola and the trail mix :)

    Oh yeah, my e-mail addy is in my reply to Reffie just up above!


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