Saturday, October 3

Just Another Award! :D Updated!!!!

Well well well, it seems that the Cat Lady from How to Become A Cat Lady...Without The Cats has deemed it appropriate to pass on an award to me. Guess that means that I'll have to go by the rules and find 5 more people to pass it on to from here. Not only that, but I need to find 5 things that I am obsessive about apparently! That's going to be tough, but hey, I'm always up for a challenge ;)

Thankfully those are the only conditions to this award so here I sit at the library trying to come up with 5 things that I obsess over. Like I said, not easy to do, but I'll try!

I suppose that first off I obsess over books, I love to read and spend a good deal of time doing so. For that matter you should see my spare bedroom! I've turned it into a library and must have close to 5oo books in there (if you count all the Condensed Reader's Digest novels). Aside from the books written in German and some of the history books along with the set of Encyclopedia's I think I've read them all. Seeing as I can't read nor understand any language other than English, chances are pretty good I'll never read the German books!

If reading is my first obsession, then playing Sudoku and Jigoku have to be my second. I don't know if you've heard of those puzzles (probably have), but I find them a great deal of fun. In fact, I enjoy Sudoku so much that I've bought the board game and play against my kid on a regular basis! For those not in the know, Jigoku is much like Sudoku and is played the same way only you don't get any numbers to start off with. All you get are greater and less than symbols and it can be a great challenge!

Hmmm, I guess by going by my own blog, my third obsession has to be gardening! If you don't believe me on that one, just go through my blog and look at all my posts about my flower

Fourthly, I'll choose my kids as one of my obsessions. Yeah I spoil the one that lives with me horribly and the other two, well lets just say that they lack for nothing! I do love the "little" darling's to death, even when I could gladly strangle them for their pms-ing and fighting, but I think that's every mother's perogitive, isn't it?

Oh boy, now for my fifth obsession, what on earth could that one be!?! Oh, I know, how about being creative? Either here in my blog, in comments to others or when drawing, playing with clay or carving pumpkins! Yep, that's a good obsession to admit to! In all of these options for this particular obsession blogging and pumpkin carving have got to be at the top of the list. I do believe that I will do a post showing you pictures of both my kids and the pumpkinds that I turned them into last year. I think that will best explain and give example to my obsession. I find it incredibly satisfying to find a picture that I like and first turn it into a template and then go further and turn that template into a pumpkin carving. When it works, it sure is Wonderful!!!!

Now for my 5 recipients of this award, who shall they be, who shall they be? Well, this is something I'll have to think about, but for now I'm almost out of time here at the library! So I will give this post an update the next time I manage to get around here! I'm only allowed 1 hour/day and the library is closed on Sunday's and Monday's, not only that but it will be a few more days before I get another day off work so you may just need to wait a week before I have a chance to update this post! My most humble of appologies on that!

Ok, it's now Thursday morning and I do believe that I've got my updates ready! Yay! Sorry for the long wait, but today is my day off and I've comandeered Silv's computer while he sleeps :D 

Now the much anticipated 5 recipients, in no particular order:

Nanodance from Callithump Thunderblog!

And then there's Probablydontlikeyou from I Probably Don't Like You, but don't take it seriously.

We can't forget about Mango Girl now can we? Nope, not even a little bit, so here's the link to her of at Ramblings from Mango Girl!

Poppy from Poppy's Dream Fields always has something of interest to read as well. Between her and her mom Minka over at Stirring My Thoughts, I'm actually learning a bit about Europe :)

Congratulations all of you, I can't wait to find out what your obsessions are!


  1. Congrats on your "fab" award. You deserve it. I love your obsessions.

  2. Hey, Skye! Books, puzzles, gardening, kids, creativity... all great obsessions! (Readers Digest Condensed Books were my first "grown-up" books. I've branched out quite a bit since then.) Looking forward to seeing who you pass the award on to... I always like "meeting" new bloggers!

  3. I like an award that does not get passed on! hahaha! I am pretty much obsessed with writing lately.

  4. Good obsessions Skye...well except the soduko and other whatchyamacallit puzzle. I only say this because I suck at them. Can I borrow some books? And good for you for spoiling the kiddos! That is how it should be.

    xo, Mango

  5. Congrats on your award! Well-deserved.

    And for the record? Jigoku sounds... sadistic! Ha!


  6. congratulations! I would like to be obsessed with gardening too but my plants just can't bear me, obviously. :)

    There's a contest on my blog, check it out! :)

  7. Thanks everybody! Just for the record the reason I enjoy Sudoku and Jigoku so much is because it wakes up my brain. What I mean by that is I usually run through a couple of Sudoku puzzles before work (how many depends on difficuly level) in order to get my brain into "working" mode. You'd be surprised at how much better focused I am when I do this! :)

    Well, now I'm off to see if I can't figure out who to pass this on to! Cheers all, and see you soon!

  8. Oh goody, other than Nanodance, these blogs are all new to me.

  9. P.S. Thanks for the award!!! I truly appreciate it!!!!

    This weekend I will acknowledge it...& I will answer your email, promise!

    Have a fabulous Weekend ~ !
    xo, Mango

  10. CatLady - That's why I enjoy these awards so much, irregardless of whether or not I'm a recipient. 9 times out of 10 there are new blogs that are well worth following :) I'm glad I could introduce you to a few more!

    Poppy - You're most welcome! I have to admit, I can't wait till your mom get's home and writes all about her trip :)

    Mango Girl - You're welcome! You have yourself a great weekend as well :) It's Thanksgiving weekend here, so that means that my hours at work start later than usual, YAY!

  11. Congratulations and thanks for the award! I have been obsessively checking your blog since you told me that you had something over here for me! Thanks again!

  12. Thabk you thank you thak you! Like it a lot.

  13. Nanodance - You're very welcome, and thank you for the congratulations :)

    Minka - I knew you'd like it, you're welcome my dear!

  14. Hello,
    For those who like sudoku, there is also an interesting site at

  15. Hi Carolina, welcome to my blogging home! :) Thanks for the link, I go to when I am looking for new puzzles, but the more places the better :)


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