Sunday, March 29

This one's for Silv

Silv, I'm sorry I didn't include you in the When Life Hands You Lemons award post. The fact of the matter is, that I know darn good and well that you wouldn't pass it on to anyone!  BUT seeing as you posted this in John's blog, I just had to write a post special for you!  First though, I'll quote your comment to John.

"And what the hell is this I don't even get a mention on her crappy blog, there's something wrong there. 
I mean she gives out the crap about me being the love of her life an all, but do I get soo much as a mention , not a fucking chance. Seems that my friends were right when they told me that she was just using me for my culinary skills. yep it's all clear to me now, I'm just a kitchen slut, and that s all I'll ever be to Skye, just a kitchen slut, it's not fair I tell yuh it's just not fair at all, I have sooo much more to offer I really do.
I feel so used so cheap so taudry and when my memory fails and I can no longer prepare Beef Wellinton she will discard me like an old boot, the bitch."

Because of your crying and whining, I've got the worlds smallest violin for you, Silv.  I hope it plays you a really, really sad song!

You know perfectly well how much I love you.  You know perfectly well how much I appreciate you.  Hell, if I didn't love and appreciate you, do you think I'd put up with all your "kids"?  Especially Lucifer, what with his butt and tit nipping, the perv!  Takes after his old man, come to think of it ;) which is one of the reasons why I love ya soo much!  Dammit, now my bitching about you whining and bitching is getting all screwed over!  

Now, where was I?  Oh yes, I was bitching about your crying fest over at Paintings Art etc!  Do you really think that John wants to hear about your problems?  Do you really believe anyone cares but YOU?  Well, sorry Babes, but you're sadly mistaken!  Now go be a good slut and make me some of your wonderful soup.  I'm hungry and had a long day at work!

So Silv, I hope you accept this Worlds Smallest Violin award for crying the blues!


  1. oh that sucked sooo much. And I can't even play the fiddle, oh jeese

  2. Well Silv, you may not be able to play the fiddle, but you can paste it up on your blog somewhere :D

  3. Yeah I suppose I could paste in my blog, but there is another place I'd like to stick that fiddle my Sweet. The rosin on the bow is a real bugger, heh heh heh


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