Sunday, May 31

Time to "Cry" a Little

I'm getting so frustrated with this computer of mine! Some day's it will allow me to go to all my favorite blogs, and then the next day, well ok 90% of the time, it will freeze up when I go to look at a few of them. Namely those are Sanity on Edge, Penny for your Thoughts and This Brazen Teacher. I'm sorry Etta, Penny and Brazen, I wish it would allow me to read all your posts!

So now, I'm writing a post to ask anyone else who goes to any of these blogs could pass on a message for me. Could someone please tell these women that I haven't forgotten them, but that I'm having computer problems? I'd really appreciate it! Granted, they've probably all long forgotten about my visiting them, but even just writing this out makes me feel better about not going to their blogs more frequently.

A huge thank you to whomever decides to pass on my message, and if you don't, well don't worry, it's not really an issue :)


  1. Aw, thank ya Minka, you're a real Sweetheart, ya know!

  2. I know, I know... just kidding...! Have a good time (with your PC)!

  3. Hi darling girl! Minka is a doll isn't she? I had to come over and see what you were up to. Now I see not much. Ha ha, computers suck the life right out of you ya know? Then they straighten up and all is forgiven. Sounds like a man to me!

  4. Always do

    Etta, welcome here! Sounds like a man is right, that's why my comp's name is FRED, it stands for Friggin' Rediculous Electronic Device :D

  5. i'm gonna go ahead and say that i'm offended. even if you CAN go to my blog, i still feel that i should have at least gotten an honorary mention... WTF skye!?

    but yea, anyway, on a serious note, i was MIA for awhile there... i'm back. dry those eyes.

  6. At least you can still visit my blog lots! It's down the street on the left, big church shaped place...

  7. Sorry to hear of your Computer Problems. I have a simialr thing going on with my laptop too. It will all of a sudden open up 60 pages of Internet when I go see one particular blog.

  8. Hi Skye, I got Minka's message and thank you Minka for stopping by and leaving it. :)

    I haven't been around so much the last few days anyway.

    How frustrating Skye, computers can really, really do that to ya.

    I do miss when you don't pop in, but, I will try to catch you here and there. Or somewhere.

    Hope all works out with the computer, is there anyway it can be "repaired" Or whatever?

  9. Eye's are all dried now Blunt, and thank you for your lovely sarcasm :D

    Nobody, I avoid churches like the plague, but yeah, I can and will continue to visit you :P

    Auntie, that has got to suck! Sounds like some kind of virus to me, unfortunately my prob is the operating system itself. Pain in the ass only having a comp with Window's '98!

    I wish I could repair it Penny, but alas, it's just it's age creeping up on it. Window's '98 Office '97, not exactly up to dealing with all this programing geared towards these newer models!

  10. I hate it when my computer makes me cry, they're so insensitive. Huh, I guess they are like a man! LOL!

  11. ROFL oh Sue, you crack me up!


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