Tuesday, August 4

How Do You Feel About Dogs?

The other day, Silv and I went for a walk with Lucifer. In case you don’t know, Lucifer is an oversized Doberman. He weighs in at roughly 145 lbs. and is 30 some inches at the shoulder. A normal Doberman measures in at about 28 inches, so you can see that he is somewhat big for his breed!

Anyway, we decided to go to the vendor. I had Silv wait outside with Luke while I went in and picked up some beer. Standing there waiting my turn, I couldn’t help but overhear one side of a conversation the guy in front of me was having on his cell. 

“You f*&^’n whore, you’ll be ready when I get there!”

“No, you’re going to get your ass off the couch, get dressed and be ready!”

“What did I just say? You will be ready when I get there, I want to leave a.s.a.p.!”

“I’m telling you Bitch, you will be ready. I’ll be there in 10 minutes!”

“You g damned f’n slut, you’ll be ready or I’ll leave you behind!”

Anyway, you get the drift of his side of the convo. I have to admit I totally wanted to deck this guy! Unfortunately before I could get a chance to, he left and it was my turn to order and pay up.

I was going to tell Silv about what I overheard, but he was laughing too hard. Apparently when this guy left the vendor he saw Luke. What Silv heard of the guys phone convo went like this.

“Big dog, ve-ve-ve-very big dog, big Big BIG dog. Oh, very big dog. Oh my, very big Dog!” and so it went till he got in his truck and overhearing conversation was no longer possible.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I told Silv how he was talking to whom I can only assume is his girlfriend. Here he is giving her shit and grief only to become tongue-tied over a dog that is just standing there. Luke hadn’t growled, barked or even risen his hackles. He had just been standing there with his typical stupid-assed grin and this guy lost it. The girl on the other end of the convo must have been seriously wondering what this tough guy was so scared of. First to be yelled at the way she was and then to just hear stuttering and stammering like that, yep, I’d wonder too! 

These first 5 pictures were taken 2 years ago when Silv first adopted Luke, the following 2 were taken just an hour or so ago. Now keep in mind that I'm 5' 4" tall.

Take this following picture for example. Here he is standing on the normal level on the ground as opposed to standing on the compost heap as he is in the pic above as well as in the pic 2 down from this one. 

Remember how high he was standing at the fence just a pic or two ago? Same fence, same ground level, obviously he's not standing to his full potential here!

Unfortunately with these last 2 pics that Silv just took, Luke wouldn't co-operate and stand up. He decided that the only way his pic was going to be taken was if he was lying down!


  1. Dobermans are usually thin dogs aren't they??

  2. Oh, my. He's got a German Shepherd face and he IS huge! Does he come with a saddle?

    I'm almost 5'5". He could knock us both down without much effort!

    I find it hard to believe that people put up with the treatment that guy was giving whoever was on the other end of the phone.

  3. What a very wise and intelligent looking dog! Love the smile on his face as he's standing at the fence!

  4. Awwwww! What a gorgeous dog!! Still, I think I'd react like that dude because I'm only 5'2 and can't run as fast as I used too. ;o)

  5. LOL! Tough guys are often not really tough, are they? I guess his girlfriend should get a dog like Luke...

  6. Otin - yes, Dobermans are usually a lot thinner than this guy is, shorter too!

    Reffie - Nope, no saddle for this guy...lol. We do tend to tease him about his Mickey Mouse looking face though. As for knocking us down, he could do that real easily! He reminds me of Dino and Fred Flinstone every time I come home from work. Yeah, that guy was pretty rotten to whoever was on the phone with him! Sometimes though, people put up with that kind of behaviour simply because they don't believe they deserve better. Sad really!

    Deb - Thanks :) He is pretty smart, although he likes to pretend that he doesn't understand what we say half the time. But if I tell him that I don't work in the morning so don't wake me up, he actually will leave me alone in the morning. Otherwise, if I forget to tell him, he'll have me up by 5 am to make sure I won't be late for work! Yep, pretty smart!

    Bee - there's absolutely no reason to run from him unless you do something bad around him. He's a very playful dog and loves to play pranks on people. He's also a bit of a pervert nipping cute girls butts whenever he has a chance!

    Minka - got that right, tough guys and bully's are usually over compensating for something and generally speaking are the biggest scaredy cats around! They just like to put fear into those that they can in order to control them.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my little blog and commenting. Love the pictures of the dog. I have a Great Dane and get similar reactions to her. So nice to see a Doberman with the ears left natural. That is how my Dane is and I think she looks so much sweeter. But, I am a dog person so of course I would say that.

  8. Welcome to the funny half of my blogging home When Pigs Fly! Thanks for stopping in and saying "hi"! Do you have any pics of your Dane on your blog? I'd love to see her :)

  9. I wish your dog would have bit that guy! What an asshole.
    As for your dog though,he's beautiful and BIG!!

  10. Thinkinfyou, thank you, he is a nice lookin' boy if I do say so myself :) I have to admit he's doing a lot better now! Silv adopted him roughly 2 years ago and he was skinny as a rake then as well as much shorter. It was sad to see his hips and ribs stick out the way they did!

  11. You know, I really love dogs,cats,some reptiles.Yes I am an animal lover.I've tried to go without a dog for along time.And it seemed that the longer I went without the more I wanted one.I did get one too! I just can't help it.

  12. It's hard to be without a family member of the 4 legged variety, isn't it Donna? I can't seem to do without a pet/owner either! (I say owner because anyone with a dog or cat knows that the dog or cat owns them, not the other way around :D)

  13. Whoa -
    “Big dog, ve-ve-ve-very big dog, big Big BIG dog. Oh, very big dog. Oh my, very big Dog!"

    Seriously, you guys can just leave your doors unlocked right?

  14. hmm.. lets see. dogs.

    1. they reak.
    2. they make noise.
    3. u have to pick up their crap.
    4. they have halitosis
    5. they shed.
    6. they cost alot of money.
    7. the result in clothing and bedding covered in fur.
    8. you have to walk them
    9. you have to take them to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

    lets see... what else is there to love?

  15. Absolutely Sue! Since Silv and I have been together and he adopted this Big Boy, the only time I've locked the doors is when we've gone somewhere with him. Oh not for walks and such, but gone for more than 4 hours! Even then I don't really worry too much. You know those light sensors for when someone comes within a certain distance? Well I hook mine up to a tape deck when we're gone. When the light clicks on the tape starts playing, the tape is of Luke barking. No one ever knows for sure if he's here or not...lol

    Aw Brit, he doesn't stink, he get's regular baths!
    Noise, yes he's noisy and playful and sometimes a right pain in the ass. He's also a pervert that likes to nip (very gently) pretty girls butts when they come over.
    Don't have to pick up any crap as he only does that in one of 2 places, either the compost heap or the fire pit. All I ever have to do is burn it if it's the fire pit or cover it with compost :D
    I'll have to agree with the halitosis and the shedding!
    He doesn't cost too much, I only have to pick up one $20 bag of dogfood every other month or so. He eats mostly table scraps :)
    Yes I take him for walks, but the fact is I walk a lot anyway so I may as well take him along with me once in a while!
    Nope, never have to take him out to the bathroom. Well, ok, not never, so long as it's warm enough to have the inside door open and just the screen door closed, that's not a problem. He can open the screen door for himself and let's himself out whenever he needs out!
    He's very smart as well, for example, if I tell him I don't have to work tomorrow so don't wake me up. He won't wake me up. BUT if I forget to tell him to let me sleep, he wakes me up at 4:30 which is when my alarm usually goes off! He also doesn't wake anyone else unless I tell him to because he knows that they don't have to be anywhere. I quit telling him what time I'd be home from work because if I don't manage to get home at that time, he get's rather irritating apparently...lol. He'll run from window to window to door, in and out of the house looking for me and wondering why I'm not back when I said I would be. So now I just say I'll be back around 3, even if I'm going to be back closer to 1. Anything to keep the peace.
    No Brit, I'm not really a dog person, I don't even really like dogs all that much. Unless of course they belong to someone else. I much prefer cats, they're a lot easier to deal with. Especially if you train them to use a toilet! :D

  16. Adorable dog. The guy you overheard sounds like a psycho...would probably beat the dog if he were irritated enough, that is, after beating the woman.

  17. Somehow California Girl, that wouldn't surprise me. However, he would never beat Luke, if he were to try it would probably be the last thing he ever did. Luke was a shelter dog, he was rescued from an abusive home. He does NOT tolerate hitting very well at all, although he has gotten used to the playfighting that goes on around here. He just joins in now instead of trying to figure out who needs to be attacked and who needs his protection! He definitely now knows that sometimes it is all just play. I'd hate to see the fool who decided to hit one of us or him in actual anger!

    But yes, I have to agree with you that guy does sound like a psycho and is probably a very abusive man. He sure was on the phone and that tends to be worse in person. The scary part is, that if he's not abusive now it won't take long and he will be. Violence begets violence and it always escalates!

  18. amen. i will forever be a crazy cat lady

  19. When I was living in Miami MB I was always refered to as the crazy cat lady...lol. I had started out with one female cat and she had a daughter that I kept. Well then, those 2 cats turned into 8 more cats, thankfully all the kittens were adopted within 4 months! BUT I then was given another female cat, a real wild thing I called Spit Fire. Shortly after getting her, all three cats had kittens, every one of them a calico! Thank god none of those 3 cats I owned ever had more than 3 kittens at a time! Even still, each time they'd get pregnant, I'd have at most 9 kittens to find homes for. Surprisingly enough it was quite simple! But yes, Brit, I totally want to go back to being the Crazy Cat Lady :)

  20. He's beautiful! I'm glad that he scared that jackass on his phone and gave his girlfriend/wife a break. I hope she was secretly snickering at his fear.

    If you'd gotten out there in time to yell "Attack!" he would have pissed himself for sure.

  21. Kathcom, welcome to my blogging home :)! I hope she got a good snicker at it as well, had I seen the guy freaking out over Luke, I would have yelled attack. Trouble is, Luke would have looked at me and not understood what that meant...lol. But the end result would have still been hilarious I'm sure!

  22. here's a question: how do i feel about you not posting in like a year?

    not cool.

  23. Sorry Brit! I've just been so terribly tired from work that I haven't been able to come up with anything for in here. Nor have I had much interest in doing anything other than my usual housework (which I almost didn't do) and laying down (which I definitely did do)! In just the last 2 weeks, I've put in over 100 hours at work, so yeah, I've been too tired to spend much time here. Again, I'm real sorry about that!

  24. Good Boy, Luke, Good Boy! But next time, please eat the stupid bastard with the telephone!

  25. Welcome to my blogging home CatLadyLarew! I do enjoy seeing new faces come by now and again :)

    You know, Luke is a great guard dog, but when he's on the leash, he becomes completely different. I suppose he figures that he's not on his own property when leashed and therefore has no need to be fully on duty. His area to protect becomes the space where he and his people are walking, and so if you don't get in his space, he doesn't get in yours. As it is, the fact that he scared the bejammers out of that guy just by sitting there, makes me pretty darn good and proud of him!


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