Sunday, August 23

Ok, so it's been a real long time since I've posted anything new. Well today I'm posting a bunch of pictures that I've taken over the last couple of years. I got the inspiration from Flydragon with her pic of her favorite spot to sit. These pictures are of my favorite views from Silv's place. 

You can't tell very well from this pic, but that is a log cabin! Perhaps I'll be able to find some better pictures to put up in another post, but for now this shot of Silv's home will have to do. With any amount of luck, this will be my home as well before the snow flies, not just my second home. First though, we have to dig up some space for all my flowers to be transfered to. That will be a bit of a chore seeing as Silv has a lot of flower beds already, but I'm so looking forward to it!

Here I'm overlooking the pond that's in the next picture. I'm sitting at the west end of the pond, and as you can see from the next view, I've taken that pic from half way down the pond looking west. In that pic, you can't see the tree that I was sitting in because I've aleady walked about half a mile trying to find the end of the pond. One of these day's I'll actually walk the whole length just to see exactly how big it is, but not today.

In case you're wondering, this pond is about a quarter mile down in the valley below Silv's house. At the bottom of the valley is the Pembina River which flows right through Silv's southern most part of property and is just a few meter's north of the U.S. border.

See these butterfly's? I took that pic on the front steps of Silv's house. Yes, he built the steps from stones and did an absolutely marvelous job of it! I know I didn't do the butterfly's any justice with this pic, but hey, I'm no Those butterfly's are called Painted Lady's and are really much more beautiful in real life, not to mention when shot in focus as opposed to being so blurry like this! They're just a small sampling of the wildlife out at Silv's. I keep trying to get a shot of the Woodchuck's that live in his wood pile, but they're clever little buggers and disappear at the first sign of a camera. I swear they believe I'll steal their souls by taking their picture's!

These last 4 pics are of almost the same place looking out over Silv's front yard. Somewhere down there is that pond that I showed you up above. The first 2 are with the river fog and it sure makes you feel like you can just walk out onto the fog and keep going straight out all the way across the valley and into the states. Some day's it feels so majical that you can almost see dragons swooping and soaring in and out of the fog :)

By the way, it really doesn't make much sense to me, but the magority of these pics were taken with black and white film and yet have some color to them. If you can explain to me the reason for color on black and white, it'll be much appreciated! 


  1. Hey, Skye! I missedyou already! Nice pics!

  2. OMG! Those are some very beautiful pics.You can actually see the peace and quiet the area has.Beleive me, if I were to get a place like that with a pond and a scenery like that,I wouldn't ever leave. HA!As for the black and white pics,I couldn't actually say, but my younger sister is a photographer,I will get in touch with her and ask.I will let you know.And it is no trouble,cuz I would like to know myself.HA!

  3. Those are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don't think that there is color, I think that different shades are viewed as having color, it seems to be like an optical illusion! Like I am an authority! LOL! I love the scenery!

  5. Minka - thanks! I've been missing everyone as well. I've tried to come in occassionally, but have been so tired after work that I just didn't have the energy to actually do much in the way of posting!

    Donna - peaceful, yes, quiet, nope not even a little bit! Oh true, there isn't the sounds of traffic and people, especially seeing as the nearest road is a little better than half a mile away and the nearest neighbor just under a half mile as the crow flies, about a mile if you're taking roads though. The sounds I speak of that are in a huge abundance are the sounds of nature's orchestra. Between the frogs, crickets, buzzing of insects, the call of birds, screams of cougars and the yipping of coyote's, there is constant sound all the time, never total quiet. Just the way I love it :) oh, and thanks in advance for at least trying to find out why the colors!

    Reffie - you're most welcome, and thank you! :)

    Otin - thanks man! You know, it could just be because of the translation of black and white from film to disk to computer, who knows, I wouldn't know the answer to this either. At any rate, thanks for the suggestion and most especially thanks for enjoying the pics!

  6. Just like I said.Peace and quiet from traffic,people,work,away from that you have the music of the wildlife at your door.The best thing about that is your not at a concert full of screaming people.You have your own spot to where you can actually hear the music.There is no pushing or shoving.HA! Hey I like that.

  7. Beautifully put Donna, thanks :)

  8. i know not the ways of film, as i am strictly a digital girl. but i know enough to know that black and white probably shouldn't have color.

    great pics! i love love love photography! what a wondrous, and tragically expensive hobby.

  9. I wouldn't call it much of a hobby Brit, my pictures are almost never in focus and it can take me up to a year to fill one roll of I believe that film is better than digital, but I should probably use the digital more often. Oh hell, what am I saying, I should only use digital, so many rolls of film have been ruined because of not getting filled up and batteries dying.


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