Friday, September 4

A Contest? Oh Yes, A Contest!

Oh my, here I am sitting with a nice glass of wine eating a fresh french baguette and writing a post. Somehow there is something wrong with this picture, but oh my my my this tastes delicious!

Any-who’s-it on with the post! I have a need, a great need, that I hope you, my readers, can fulfill. Well ok, at least one of you at any rate :D

My need you ask? It’s simple, I need a name for my granola. My plan is to start making granola next year and sell it at the local farmer’s market along with at a few others perhaps. BUT I need a name for it and I can’t come up with one. That’s where you, my readers, come in. You see, I’m going to hold a bit of a contest. The person who comes up with the best name for my granola gets this award along with the prestige of knowing that they came up with the best name. Maybe if I feel so generous I’ll even throw in a present of some of said granola.

Oh yes, how remiss of me! I overheard someone whispering “How are we supposed to come up with a name if we don’t know the ingredients?” Don’t deny it, I know I heard someone say it, I just can’t place the voice! heheheee

The ingredients tend to vary depending on what I can get a hold of in regards to dried fruits, but generally this is what I toss in:

Old fashioned rolled oats

These are the dried fruits I add extra when I can find them at a reasonable price:

Banana Chips

And these nuts get tossed in when I want something a little different (either some or all, depends):

Sunflower seeds
Brazil nuts
Oh hell, anything I can find that looks tasty really…lol.

Now sometimes I take a part of the first part of the recipe and make a granola bar type of thing which I then proceed to break up into small bite size chunks. From there, I take just the nuts and dried fruits in a large abundance and add some M&M’s to make a nice salty but a still sweet trail mix kind of a snack food. I’m thinking of making that for selling as well. All in all, this granola recipe makes about a one month supply of breakfast cereal for the kid and me and costs roughly around $30 (Canadian) to make, not bad when you think about the health food benefits compared to the crap you buy in the store. The closest I can compare it to health and ingredient wise would be Quaker Harvest Crunch Cereal, but this has oh so much more in it and tastes much better besides! 

So, the more help I can get the better! Thanks to all who try to help me out with this, I’ll be leaving the competition open for at least 2 weeks and then I’ll probably end up taking as long to decide on which name I like the best, hopefully not that long though!

Ok, I just looked at the calendar, the competition itself will be kept open till September 19th and the winning entry will be posted on October 1st. I will do my utmost best to keep to that schedule, but chances are that if I find a name that I really love upon first sight, I’ll stick to that one but can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to hold my tongue for that week and a half, I've never been that good at keeping my own secrets. Other's secrets, yes, my own, not so much…lol.


  1. How about Granola Skye? It sounds lovely!

  2. Call it "Funny Farm" Granola!
    "Full of fruits and nuts" LMAO!

  3. I have the perfect name for that. Pie in the Skye Granola.I thought it would be perfect anyway.he-he-hehehehe

  4. Great suggestions guys, thanks! :)

  5. Wow! That sounds great. I will keep thinking but I can come up right now is "Blue Skye" followed by the name of the granola:

    Blue Skye's Plain Granola
    Blue Skye's Summer
    Blue Skye's Harvest

    ...if you wanted to make different kinds.

  6. Oh those sounds good Reffie, thanks :)

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  8. I like the sparkly stuff on your granola... does it look like that in real life?

  9. CatLady - No, it doesn't look like that in real life, I wish :). When Silv took the pic he embellished it a bit creating an award for me before I posted said pic. He certainly made it look better than anything I could have done with the pic! Surprisingly, all he did to enhance the photo was add the sparkles, cut out the table in the background and add the words, not much, but a huge difference in the finished product!

  10. Just thought of another one. Granola Skye. I will probably think of a few more before this contest is over.

  11. Another good one it is too Donna, keep 'em coming, the more the better the chances :)

  12. How about Skye valley Granola or Natural Skye Granola or Harvest Skye Granola.They sound really good!

  13. Yep Donna, those do sound good :)

  14. Hippy Shake Granola - for the healthnut in you!

  15. Thanks Venom, another good suggestion for me to ponder over. I'm not sure how I'm going to decide which one to go with!

  16. How about "Skye's Nuts" Hahahaha. Or "Skye Crunch" "Skynola" "Gransky" "Healthy Skye" "Skylicious Granola"

  17. Thanks Etta! :)

    I have to agree with you on the Skye's nuts part, 'cause like I am :D

  18. Cool California Girl, thanks for the entry :)


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