Tuesday, September 8

Two Pairs Make 4 Pears? Or Is It 2 Pears Makes 4?

Silv and I were cruising through some recipe's and found one we would really like to try. Unfortunately I can't find it at the moment! Doesn't really matter for the purpose of this post considering that I am not writing about the recipe but rather about the ensuing conversation.

You see the main ingredients were Brie cheese (one of my fav's) and the ever so lovely fruit, the Pear!

Now Silv seems to have a problem with the name of this fruit as it's not a pair of anything. When you have just the one it's a 'single' (or so he claims). He also asked me, "Skye, if you have 2 Pears does that really mean you have 4? Really, "says he,"everyone knows that when you have 2 pairs of anything you have 4 of any 1 thing! And therefore 2 Pears should be 4 singles!"

And on he went about how Pears were so thoroughly mis-named. You truly haven't heard someone talk about a topic of any sort until you've heard Silv or someone much like him, go into a long disertation on the topic. That is exactly what he did here. I really wish that I had recorded him so that I could transcribe it for you now, but as it is, I've forgotten 90% of what he had said. 

A Pear?

Or is that 2 Pears?


  1. LOL, Skye, I wih you had recorded him! That must have been funny!

  2. Oh it was Minka! The whole conversation doesn't translate to the written form all that well, but I will admit that after a while I was getting confused about which "pear" he was talking about...lol

  3. It's not fair to compare a pair to a pear but beware that a pair of pairs is really a square! LOL!

  4. LOL! Do you remember a song called "Dizzy" or "Your Making Me Dizzy." Well anyway,That did it.HA!HA!

  5. This is oh, so confusing! A pair of pears? Is that before or after you pare them? Just asking.

  6. Otin - Somehow that actually makes sense...lol.

    Donna - If you think this little bit of the conversation made you dizzy, you should have heard the whole thing. Now that was enough to make a whirling dervish dizzy...lol. And yes I do know the song :)

    Cat Lady - I think that's before you pare them, perhaps once they're pared they're actually called a pair squared :D

  7. Pears smares what a load of poop making up a post about how I feel about a Pear which isn't really a Pair of anything.
    Now if'n yuh wanted to post something about fruit thats like really important why not post about the other great fruit fraud, Yep Yuh guessed it, I'm talking about PLUM PUDDING.
    Well seeing how Yuh didn't post about it I will.
    Plum pudding was originally a soup made by boiling beef & mutton(yuk) with dried plums (prunes), wines and spices. The prunes & meats were later removed, raisins added and the pudding was thickened with eggs & breadcrumbs to be more like a steamed or broiled cake. So "PLUM PUDDING" is not a pudding at all and contains no plums.
    Another culinary disaster brought to you by the Bird Brained reseach team here at Swallows Nest Central.

  8. Sounds an awful lot like bread pudding to me Silv! Never did like that stuff much. As for the original recipe with the meat and prunes in it, sounds as bad as blood pudding! Not appetizing at all!

  9. I would be so confused by that I wouldn't even try the recipe.

  10. He makes a very good point. And you've made me hungry.

  11. ThinkinFYou - Oh, I plan on trying the recipe alright, probably next week when I get paid so that I can get all the ingredients. It certainly isn't a cheap dessert. Perhaps what I should do is post a pic of it when it's done. I won't enhance the pic though like I did for my granola in my award post :D

    Kathcom - I hope I made you hungry for Pears :)


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