Monday, January 25

Bad Weather Means Blogging Time!

Well, I'm supposed to be at work right now, trouble is it's a 20 mile drive and visibility is down to near zero and at absolute zero when the wind gusts. I may be nuts, I may be crazy, but I'm not insane. At least not enough to go driving in this! Ok fine, I tried, I got half a mile, turned around and came home, that one total mile took me a whole 15 minutes and that doesn't even count the amount of time it took me to turn around! Can you imagine how long 20 miles would take at that rate!?! YIKES NOT worth it I tell ya!

The last couple of days there has been a nice Colorado Low moving through, yesterday the weather wasn't too bad and Silv convinced me that the valley would be real beautiful. So I took these pictures with the digital camera for your viewing pleasure.

This past Monday there was some beautiful Hoarfrost and I had the day off so I took a walk down into the valley then as well and took a bunch of pictures, but that was with the regular camera and so I have to wait for the pictures to be developed before I can share them with you. I hope they turned out as nice as these seem to have :)


  1. I really am envious. I would like a couple weeks of that environment!

  2. yay, bad weather no school :)
    It's freaking cold & windy here too :S

  3. Otin, I have to admit that irregardless the weather, I have absolutely no regrets about moving out here. Sure I'm not within a couple of blocks from work anymore, but the peace and quiet along with the beauty of the place more, much more, than make up for that convenience!

    Poppy, you're right, bad weather also means no school. So, not only does the kid get at least a 3 day weekend now, but she also has no school scheduled for this coming Friday or the following Monday. That's a lot of time for her to be stuck around the house bugging me if I'm not at work.

    Temperature here is around -35 degrees Centigrade with the wind-chill factored in, what is it around you?

  4. Wow! The high here is supposed to 61 degrees Farenheit.

    That's cold for us and yes, I'm wearing sweats and enjoying every minute of it!


  5. Minus 35? Not that cold around here, but everythinbg is relative and we, the Vipava Valley people feel very cold at 0 already. Thank God for good heating! The wind makes it worse, fortunately it is not too strong now - not almost 200 kmph as it can sometimes be... But we are actually having snow this winter, not like in usual winters - we had some about a week ago and some more is coming these days, they say. No snow days, though - Poppy just happens to have a break at this time of the year.
    Take care, stay warm and keep blogging... :D And PLEASE, only approve ONE of my two comments if there are two as I'm not sure if the first one "went through" or not.

  6. 61 Fahrenheit cold? Come on girlfriend, that's tanning weather in these here parts! For that matter, I was out starting my tanning last year at 2 degrees Centigrade, that's what, 38 Fahrenheit!?! Granted, I much prefer 25 C or 72 F, but hey, us beggars can't be choosers can we?

  7. BRRRRRR! Beautiful photos, though.

    I'll stick to these parts. We have some sun and a bit of wind but we are in the 60's today.

  8. You have some beautiful shots there.I like the snow.Yes its cold and yes I am crazy,but I do like the snow.I like it better with a couple of inches on the ground,but if it gets a few feet,then I will stay inside with a cup of coffee, looking at the outside. HA!HA!

  9. so beautiful. I love to look at other peoples snow but do not want it around for me to have to shovel. be safe!

  10. Minka - that sounds incredibly lovely! Staying warm is the easy part so long as the hydro doesn't go out, good thing the storm is now over so that's not an issue to worry about. Trouble is the work of digging out begins. You should see how much snow there is on the driveway, wow do I have a lot of shoveling to do! Oh well, it's all good and excellent exercise if done in increments :)

    I can't imagine 200 km/h winds, I thought it was bad enough here at 80 km/h which is what we had with this storm. Now it's down to 10 gusting to 20, nothing too strong or hard to handle with that!

    Sorry I missed your comment earlier, I must have been commenting as you were typing and I hadn't rechecked after that unfortunately.

    Reffie - what I wouldn't give for those temps! Although if I had that, I wouldn't be able to go snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing. So I guess I've got the area to live in that suits me best :)

    Donna - I totally understand what you mean, but I have to admit, there is nothing better than being able to go out and enjoy all this snow without having serious complications from it. The worst I have to deal with is having missed a couple of days at work. It's all good though, the boss understands and he's going to see what he can do to get me more hours to make up for it :)

    AmyLK - it's nice to "meet" you and thank you so much for your coming by and leaving me a message. Shoveling will start soon here, it's finally light enough out to see and I have a lot to clean up if I want to be able to leave the yard at any future time. I do believe that any extra money I can save up will be done in order to buy a snowblower for next winter. Shoveling is far too much work at times, but like I mentioned earlier, it is good exercise!

  11. Beautiful! All we got here was driving rain and winds so high they blew construction materials off a building and closed my husband's subway stop at work.

  12. Kath - we got quite a bit of snow here. Perhaps while I'm in the process of shoveling out the driveway I'll take a pic or two and post them in a new blog, we'll see what happens. I hope your hubby still managed to get to work ok, it sucks when a persons normal routine gets changed by circumstances they can't control!

    By the way, the construction material that decided it could fly didn't do any damage to your place did it? I sure hope not!

  13. So much about no wind! Brrrrrrrrrr! It's howling out there! Over 150 kmph! A road is closed and not only for trucks (that is quite common - it turns them over).

  14. Yikes Minka! 150 km/h!?! Wow that's strong winds, and yes I can totally understand how roads would be closed with that kind of wind power!


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