Sunday, January 17

Well, so much for that!

Well, I had wanted to be around more, in fact I've tried on several occasions. Sometimes Blogger would allow me in, but most of the time not. Most of the problem is with Silv though, he tends to hog the computer  be on the computer so much that I just can't seem to get access to it. To be fair I haven't even tried to get on-line more than once a week, probably not even that often as most of the time I'm just too tired after work.

Here I thought he was sleeping, wouldn't get up for a couple of hours yet, but I was wrong. The poor man needs his computer and so my time on it is once again limited to a very short period. I think he's addicted to this damnable machine! As it is, I no sooner get logged in and he's right there waiting, oh well, what's a girl to do when there is only one computer in the house? The worst part is that The Kid sleeps in the loft over-looking the living-room and so I can't turn on any lights to read or draw or do anything else my little heart desires to do. I can't wait till we get a chance to actually build her bedroom in the basement. Then at least the loft will once again look like something decent! More specifically a library/sitting-room/artists space, yep, it will be nice to have that space without her in it again! No, I'm not the artist, Silv is, but I like to pretend

Another reason I haven't been around much is because I went out and bought myself a present. A pair of cross-country ski's, poles, and shoes, and now I have to teach myself how to use them. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be let me tell you! Oh yeah, guess how much I paid for all that!?! Chances are you'll be wrong, but I won't tell you for a little while yet.

Anyway, I'll be off for now, gotta see some other peoples blogs. Hopefully I won't be so long in returning here. Cheers all, and I hope your New Year went well :)


  1. Cross country skiing? Good for you!

  2. So now you are a bi monthly injection of chucles! haha!

  3. Great to see you back, Skye! I've missed you. Have fun with the skis... that's more fun than blogging any day. (I haven't been able to ski since I ripped out my knee five years ago.)

  4. It's good to hear from you. It sounds like you guys need a sign-up sheet for the computer. ;-)

    I really want to learn to cross-country ski. I know it's work but it looks like fun and I love to be outdoors!

  5. Hey Skye! Iknow how you feel being to tired a
    fter work.I mean, you can't even get a break. You work,get home,make dinner, get a shower,go to bed,and then you get up and start all over again.You can't even get a break on your days off.You get up,make coffee,clean the house,mop the floors,wash and dry clothes,fold and hang clothes,feed the pets,and pick up groceries.


    As the saying goes( Men work from sun up to sun down, A womans work is never done.)


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