Friday, June 26

How Hard Can It Be?

A few months ago I had bought a 2 kg box of Ready-Cut Macaroni. At some point I opened the box up to cook up a batch of homemade mac and cheese. Fine, no problem there. A couple of days later, Silv decides that he's hungry for some mac and cheese, so he goes to get out the box of macaroni. Well heaven forbid that the guy would actually open the box from the opened end! He had to flip the box upside down and open up the sealed end! Surpringly there wasn't a mess from it, but rest assured there sure as hell was the next time I went to cook up some macaroni! Jezis F'n H Christ, macaroni everywhere! Thats when I found out that Silv had opened the box after I had, oh the insanity of it. 

So, I went upstairs and got my glue gun and re-glued the box's bottom end back together. Problem solved, right!?! Wrong! 2 days later, he thinks I must have gone and gotten a new box or something because he opens it from the freshly sealed bottom end again! I told him, and told him, and done did tell him again that he was to pour the macaroni from the top of the box! But could he listen? Nooooo, of course he couldn't. This time though, I came home to a mess of raw macaroni all over my counter. The bloody bum couldn't even be bothered to clean up his mess!

No, I was not dumb enough to re-glue the box for a second time. I just decided then and there to take a plastic container and put the macaroni into it. I'm just glad he was able to understand that the lid on that container had an easy opening pouring spout, because god forbid what would happen if he were to cut it open!

At some point during this whole macaroni fiasco, he had needed some saran wrap to put something away. I had a new box, bad mistake! Instead of opening it the way it's supposed to be opened, he opened the small end and slid the whole roll out! Then he had the gall to ask me where the cutter on the box was hiding and how the hell was he supposed to be able to use it!?! Oh the shame of having a genius in the house who can't open a box correctly to save his life!

Anyway, what got me remembering that, was yesterday I bought a new box of aluminum foil. Silv needed some for the supper he was making, but because the box was still sealed shut, he brought it to me! Yes, he must have learned something from the above episodes, because instead of opening the box the wrong way, he actually brought it to me to open. What a relief! So once again, I gave him a lesson in the proper ettiquette of box opening. Perhaps he learned something, perhaps not, but at least he's learned that if he can't figure it out, he better bring it to the Woman Who Knows ;)


  1. You had one box of macaroni for how many meals??

    It's a good thing, isn't it that your husband learned something from the experience...?

  2. Yes Minka, it is a good thing indeed that he learned something!

    By the way, the box isn't one of the one's shown here, I couldn't find a picture on google for the right brand nor size. Also, the box itself held 2 kilograms of raw macaroni so I think it lasted for about 8 meals or so. I'm not really sure how many meals we got out of it as we used it mostly for quick snacks not actual meals.

  3. What is it with men and box opening? My husband does the same thing. They are the reason explicit instruction have to be put on packages.
    "Open this end."
    The bottom should say, "Not this end moron."

  4. Thanks for the laugh Sue! Before I published your comment, I read it to Silv, even he got a chuckle out of it :)

    Instead of writing my own reply, I'll quote Silv, "She is so right!"

  5. Ha! Fun post. But I have to admit that I don't get why I can find something and HE can't.


    Anyhoo, I left you something at my post GF!

  6. Skye, please tell me you are joking. I am sorry but I would have had to slap him silly on the second go round. My hubs is way too anal to open a box wrong. Everything has to done just so so. I swear I don't know who is worse, yours or mine. I have an award for you. Thanks for sticking with me.

  7. Aww, thank you Quirky! I'm on my way to find out what real soon :) As for guys not being able to find things, that's simple, it's easier for us to find them. That way they don't have to get up off their duff's, and if they do go look first, they'll make a lot of racket, huff and puff, and you still have to find it for them. It's their way of showing us they need us I think!

  8. No Etta, I'm not joking, this honestly did happen! I don't know if Silv just wasn't thinking, or if he did it just to bug me, it's real hard to tell. But you're right, I wanted to slap him so badly the second time round. And then with the Saran Wrap, I didn't know if I should laugh or cry over the whole thing!

    Thanks Hun, I'll be over shortly to claim it! :)

  9. Oh Yeah Skye, well just like me ole Grandad used to say "when life hands Yuh lemons,order tequilla". (snork)

  10. Ah, and a fine drink Tequilla is too, my darling Silv! Haven't had it in years meself, should pick up a bottle again me thinks!


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