Saturday, June 13

Thank You Minka!

A couple of weeks ago Minka from Stirring My Thoughts ran a competition to see if we could guess where the grade 9 class was going for it's final school outing. I won it! Hurray, I hardly ever win anything! *doing a happy dance now*

The prize for this competition was none other than a postcard from the very place they went! It finally arrived yesterday, and I got not one, but two lovely cards! The first card has "Many greetings from a very nice trip" written on the back, and let me tell you, she has very neat handwriting! The second card has "After that nice e-mail and all that learning, I figure you deserve two postcards. Sending you sunshine from over here :)"

Thank you Minka, they are really lovely! And guess what!?! It's been raining here all spring, and with the arrival of the postcards came some nice sunshine! So you really did send me some sun too, that was a very special extra prize for guessing where you were going! Thank you so much Minka, these cards mean a lot to me :)

Yep, they went to Venice or Venezia Italy, just a few short hours from home! I'm so jealous because they got to watch actual glass blowing! She's got some great pics in her blog about the trip, so go and check them out!


  1. I'm soooooooo glad you liked them! IO wasn't very hopeful about the sunshine thing, so I'm glad that worked out as well! You are so welcome! And yes, I still think you deserved them!

  2. How lucky they were to go to Italy. My boyfriend has family that lives in Sicily and Venice.Yeah he's Italian.That is great that they went to Italy and congrats for winning the area they were at. That was a lucky guess!

  3. Thank-you Donna, it was actually more like 6 guesses with some pretty blatant hints that I didn't get, but being the only one guessing, it was just a matter of time before I got it

  4. A trip to Venice would be a dream come true for me.

  5. As it would for me Candy, I'd absolutely love to tour Europe!


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