Friday, June 5

Tell Me Your Most Romantic Moment!

A couple of years back the local radio station was doing a show on Valentines Day about “People’s Most Romantic Moments”. The listening audience was invited to call in with what they considered to be romantic experiences they’ve had. The show was going as expected with the usual romantic dinners, getting flowers, etc., and one man even called in to tell how he had planned a weekend getaway for him and his wife on their anniversary. 

And then Tina phoned in! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do her accent justice, but I will do my best. Just read the following conversation phonetically and with a nasal twang type sound and all should be well. I must say though, that it will be incredibly hard for me to intentionally spell things so incorrectly! 

“Oowh Naythan, my name is Teena, and I have to tell you abowt my most romantic day! Last week mi boyfrand, well mi fiancé nyow, did thee most vonderful thang!” *Giggle* “Youh see I help him ouwt in thee piggy bern sometimes, tayking care of the wee piglyets, don’t ya know, and, and, and, suddenlee I hear-d him call fowr me to come help him with the sow’s he was washing down. So, so, so I went to whayre he waz and, and, and asked what he needed help with.” *Giggle* 

“Go on Tina, what was it that your fiancé needed help with?” asked Nathan.

“Wyall Naythan, whan I got to the sow wash ayreah he opened the dowar, and you woodn’t believe whyat I saw!” *giggle*

“What was it you saw, Tina?”

“Oowh Naythan, I saw fieve piggy’s and written on theyar backs was ‘Teena, will you mayrry me?’ Oowh Naythan, it was so spyeacial! I looked over at my boyfrand, and that’s whan he gawt down on one knee and, and, and he hyeld owt a ring!” *giggle*

“Wow Tina, you mean to say that he knelt down, right there in all the pig manure and everything and proposed to you?"

“Yeahs Naythan, he did! Iy’m so happy, Iy’m going to gyet myarried! Iysn’t it romantic?”

“Yes Tina, that’s very romantic, I’m really happy for you!”

Throughout this whole conversation, you could hear Nathan in the background trying very hard not to laugh! I know had I been the D.J. I wouldn’t have been able to do it! It may have been rude, but I would have busted a gut with the way this woman was gushing over being proposed to in a pig barn of all places! I can just imagine the honeymoon now, imagine it along with me, would you?

Here’s Tina and Hubby out on a stroll down towards Trash Creek where they’re camping for the weekend. He has a beer in one hand and his fishing pole in the other. Meanwhile Tina is walking along slightly behind him and off to one side carrying a cooler with more beer and the fishing bait. That’s when they get to the fishing hole and meet up with all of Hubby’s friends and their wives and/or girlfriends. Ahhh the perfect honeymoon getaway!

Do you think they had this pic or one like it for their wedding invite? I wonder too if they had the 5 sow's at their wedding, after all, they did play an important roll at the engagement :D


  1. Awwe,
    There's something about pig pics that are so yummy.
    I mean adorable.

  2. LOL Auntie, you've got that right :D

  3. Ewwwwwe thats is OMG! Yuck! Well I live about 5 miles from a pig farm. So you know some mornings it is very hard to even get to my car because the odor is so thick, that it is hard to breath.I think he could of pick a better place.LOL!!But Hey!! I love pics of all animals and pigs are included.They do make cute pics.LOL!!

  4. You can't say it wasn't romantic!! You knowthoswe perfectla planed proposals like from a movie or something - only one little tiny detail and everythinng is ruined while Teeena's boyfriend got it right and knew exactly what she would fall for!!
    Yeah, the piglets are adorable!

  5. well... thats ugh. sweet.

    i guess.

    eer, something.


  6. I know how you feel Donna, my ex used to work in a pig farm and I always made him strip his clothes down in the garage and hose himself and the clothes off before he was allowed in. The smell was just too much for me to handle! By the way, welcome to my blogging home :)

  7. You've certainly got a point there Minka!

  8. That's what I thought as well Blunt!

  9. Ha ha! That’s hilarious!
    Of course, my husband proposed to me at a park while calling me a big baby for being afraid of a bee. ;o)

  10. Bee is afraid of a bee. I hope it was at least a Bumble Bee, Bee :D

    At least the setting was pretty for a proposal!

  11. There is no better fodder for humor than the shit people come up with all by their lonesomes. I am sure that somewhere out in cyberland there is a post about me and some goofy thing i've done...LOL good post ....

  12. Absolutely right Survey! Thank you :)


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