Thursday, June 4

Manitoba vs Maine

Ok, Deb from Debbie Does Drivel loves Maine and proves it by posting why she does every week. This week it's because of Maine's desert. Well, do I have news for you, not only does she mention that they've got a desert, we here in Manitoba do as well, but she also mentions the lakes and islands. I'm pretty sure Manitoba, being bigger than Maine, has more lakes and islands though. She also points out that Maine has a coast, well guess what, so does Manitoba!

To be honest, Manitoba has a coulple of deserts, one which isn't open to the public due to the fact that it's full of live artillery from the army base in Shiloh and is used for the bases target practice area. The other is the Spirit Sands desert by Carberry and is located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. This desert is complete with sand dunes and measures in at 4 square kilometers, roughly 1500 acres, give or take a few. What's Maine's, 47 acres?

I can guarantee you that our coast has something that Maine doesn't as well. And that is bragging rights to having the largest Polar Bear population in the world! Yes, Deb, we do get tons of tourists all over the province, thankfully not in this town too often, but in a lot of other areas :D 

How about views like this? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful over the water in your neck of the woods?

What else was there Deb loved so well in her most recent post on Maine? Oh yes, lakes and islands, let's see how Manitoba's compare, shall we? :D Manitoba is known as "The Land of the 100 000 Lakes" with Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis, and Lake Winnipeg being the largest. Did you know, that if you take the island of Britain and deposit it into Lake Winnipeg, it would still be an island? Bet ya didn't did ya, unless of course you've already been to Deb's blog and seen my comment there!?! ;) In total, our lakes cover 101 593 square kilometers of land surface. Hm, interesting, googling lakes in Maine, I found that there are 2 200 lakes there, not much of a dint in Manitoba's lakes, and I'm fairly sure that means they don't cover as much of an area either!

To Quote Deb, "You thought Maine was dull and boring? Pffft! We have mountains, forests, potatoes, blueberries, lobsters, the coast, hundreds of lighthouses, thousands of moose, a bazillion islands and even our own stinkin' desert. So there."

Mountains, does Riding Mountain National Park count, if so, then check!

Forests, oh yeah, check, check and check that again (my pro pic was taken in one of the forests which also happens to be Silv's yard)!

Potatoes, um, we even have an event here called Manitoba Potato Days, yep, that's a check all right!

Blueberries, yep got those too, and even better, their cousin the Saskatoon, so check that!

Lobster, last time I looked, there were some live lobster available at the local grocery, so check that as well!

Coast, check that, already explained that one!

Lighthouses, yep got those as well, granted they've been replaced by skeletal structures, but I like the one I found a pic of best! 

Thousands of Moose, probably closer to hundreds of thousands, so yep check that one as well!

 But are Maine Moose trained to haul logs? Now there's a question! 

A bazillion islands, well 2 200 lakes probably doesn't have as many as Manitoba's 100 000 lakes do, so yep, check that!

And a desert, beat Maine out on that as well with not one, but at least 2 deserts!

So Deb, what's Maine got that Manitoba doesn't? Bet you don't have the Manitoba Maple tree there!

*Note, none of these pics were taken by me, all are compliments of google search! Oh yes, and thanks for the blogging fodder Deb :D*


  1. LOL! Well, you can keep your polar bears, thank you. We do have puffins though and Oreo cows, as well as porpoises and a granite statue of Andre the Seal...though his nose broke off. Until this week we had a topless coffee shop. We do have fiddleheads and we have the CAT ferry (a supership according to Discovery, and soon to be featured on the History Channel's Amazing Machines series). Other than maybe those things, I think the only things we may have here that you do not are Maine-ahs, a very rare and mysterious breed of people lacking teeth and the letter R in their vocabulary. They have a fondness for flannel and fleece and wear muck boots as formal attire. They shoot their dinner and their mother is their sister. The state motto is: Maine: Where the men are men and so are the women."

    Great post, Skye! Loved it!

  2. Yeah yeah, none of your bears could hold a candle to koala bears. Certainly not in the sleeping stakes. Do you have thousands of tourists coming there to have their photos taken whilst cuddling polar bears? No, of course not. QED.

    Besides, neither Manitobans nor Mainelanders can play rugby or cricket worth a pinch of shit. QED

    And is the Lebanese food good in either of those places? No, it isn't. QED.

    And so, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, by way of exhaustive examples, and latin acronyms, I have conclusively proved that my place is better than your place.

    Mind you, one day I shall live in some other place, in which case we can have the same argument again and I will be just as right then as now. Thank you Thank you.

  3. Well Deb, as for your Main-ah's, the locals around here don't sound much different. Father's are also their own son's and brother's, sometimes even their own uncle, if you can make sense of that!

    If I could type in the accent, I'd tell you all about how Tina was proposed to a few years back, but I think I'll try to figure out how to do that for another post. It is very blog worthy :D

    As for your super ship, well we've got the Nonsuch in the Manitoba Museum, it may not be put on the History channel, but it sure is a site to see!

  4. Well Nobody, the tourists that come to see the polar bear are too stupid to have their pictures taken with them. They'd rather feed the bears. It's not just the polar bears they feed, it's also the black and brown bears that these brilliant people feed while sitting in their cars.

    Cricket and rugby? You've got to be kidding me, cricket is a sport for pansy's and rugby is just one fucked up game! Can you Aussie's play lacross? No? Didn't think so! :P

    Food schmood, if Silv isn't the one cooking it, it ain't worth a damn no matter what kind of food it is anyway!

    So Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, you've read Nobody's comments and now you've seen my reply to each. I now leave you to decide for yourselves which is better, Australia, Main or Manitoba!


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