Wednesday, February 10

Thanks Deb, You Reminded Me Of This!

Deb reminded me of something (the link will take you to her post that triggered my memory) that happened at work this past fall that I had totally forgotten to blog about! So I'll tell you all about it now!

In case you don't know, or can't tell from my photo, I keep my head shaved down to a 1/8 to 1/4 inch length. It suits me best and is most comfortable. Besides, this way, I never get bed-head or hat-head or any other kind of bad hair day :D

Anyway, on this particular day at work I was cooking breakfast when there was a complaint. Yeah I was just as shocked as you. How much is there to complain about with eggs and hashbrowns? Not much, I agree. I told the waitress to bring me the plate and let me see what the problem was. Low and behold there's a hair on the plate, a 2 inch long black hair at that. So I told the waitress to do the ST. O. P. (STandard Operating Procedure) thing and to give her her breakfast at half-price. Customer was happy, I was annoyed, waitress was confused as to where the hair came from. I told her not to worry about it that these things sometimes happen and so we continued on with our day without further incidents.

Just 2 days later the same customer comes back for breakfast again and gets the same waitress and orders the same breakfast. Yes, you guessed, she had the same complaint as well! The blond waitress comes back with the black hair on the plate and asks me if she should go with the ST. O. P. thing again. I asked her what she meant by "again" as I hadn't realized that it was the same customer as 2 days ago.

So she reminds me of the previous time this happened and I just looked at her and said "No, this time I'll go out and talk to her!" I asked the waitress to point out the customer which she did, and then I took the plate to her table and asked her what the problem was. The Ditz says the cook must have shed a hair in the plate and pointed it out to me. I looked at her, her companion looked at me and then at her and had the brains to be embarrassed. Not only were these people cheap enough to try and get there food half price, but they also shared that one breakfast between them. Still looking at The Ditz I asked her just exactly where that hair came from at which time she reiterated that it must have come from the cook as the waitress was blond. Continuing to look at her and told her "look at me, I'm the cook, now tell me where that hair came from!"

Again, she said that it must have shed from my head! Oh the audacity! A 2 inch long hair fall from a head of hair that is no longer than a 1/4 inch? I don't think so! I was being nice, polite and speaking in a rather quiet voice so as to not let other tables overhear this. She however was being rather loud ensuring others hearing. So saying other customers were starting to giggle and laugh in various levels of amusement.

Finally her friend found her voice and said "I don't think that the hair came from the cook, you better just admit that you put the hair there, because she's not buying your theory!"

The Ditz responded by saying "I would never do such a thing!" and finally actually looked at me and noticed that there is no way that hair could have possibly come from my head! Considering the fact that the only people who handled that plate of food was myself, the waitress and the customer, and she had already stated that it couldn't have come from the waitress, she was at a total loss as to whom to blame next for the hair on her plate. By this time the whole place was in an uproar and I heard one man say "Breakfast and a show, I never expected that this morning!" Which sent everyone into more gales of laughter.

The Ditz was incredibly embarrassed by this time and I was having a very hard time maintaining my straight face. "Ma-am," I said, "perhaps you should just remove your hair from your plate, finish eating and pay-up. I have to get back to work now!" and with that, left the floor to return to the kitchen where I immediately started to laugh. It must have taken me 5 minutes to get myself under some semblance of control in order to continue cooking. To my knowledge The Ditz never walked into the restaurant again, and somehow, I'm quite sure, hasn't pulled that stunt somewhere else without making sure that the cook actually has hair!


  1. I love this story, Skye!

    I have no patience for people that pull stunts like that.

  2. Oh I'm so not in the mood to read posts that long so I'll jus say hi and have a nice day :))

  3. Reffie - I don't either, that's why I pulled this little stunt when I found out about the repeat. The sad part is that stupid people do stupid things and when they find out that it works they do it again. It's the repeating nature that makes them so stupid, what works once to get a freebie doesn't work again!

    Poppy - No worries my Dear, I'll just say "Hi and have a nice day :))" right back at ya! :)

  4. I have found hair in my food before as well though I have never returned it. I can tell which hairs are mine but would have a hard time arguing the point since I have so much of it and it is always falling on something. I'm also not the kind of customer to complain,if I get out of the house, someone cooks for me and cleans up afterward I don't care if there is hair or spit in my food.

  5. Great post, Skye!Sometimes when my hair gets too abundant and loses every shape, I am tempted to just shave it off and stop thinking about it altogether. But only some people can afford doing zjaz - I would look terrible. I can'tz imagine all the pupils' questions and comments :D

  6. Jen - I have to agree with you on the hair thing, when I had hair there was far too much and it was constantly falling off my head as well. So saying, hair in my food doesn't bother me, but spit, that's another thing altogether!

    Minka - Thanks Hun! I totally understand about the questions! When I first started to shave my head, people wondered what kind of cancer I had. They right away thought I was just starting to grow my hair back after chemo therapy! Other questions were, what kind of bet did I loose to have to shave my head, or, did I cut my hair off to donate it for making wigs. But one thing was always the same, once I explained that this was just so much more comfortable and convenient, everyone agreed it suited me and they wished they had the guts to try it. To which I always reply, go for it, it's just hair it grows back!


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