Saturday, February 6

Winter Pictures

Well, this is my attempt at getting pictures of the hoar frost a couple of weeks ago. They hadn't turned out as nice as I had hoped they would, and yet I am quite satisfied with them. So, without further ado, I give you my way of looking at winter :)

Lucifer figures that he needs to follow the Moose tracks pictured above. Can't you just see in his face that he's telling me to stop making so much noise because I'll scare his prey away? Somehow I think he'd be the first to run if he were to actually see the Moose that left those tracks!

This pic (above) is of the pond and in my profile picture is, in fact, the pond that I am looking at. 
(Below) Can you tell that Luke is getting antsy to get home? You can't really see how steep the hill is here, but Luke sure want's me to pic up the pace and get cracking he just doesn't understand that it's easier to climb hills with 4 legs as opposed to 2! He also seems to think that because the bus will be back with The Kid soon we are supposed to be at the house, don't know why he thinks that, maybe because he likes her as a chew toy :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Till next time :)


  1. great pics...everything white here this weekend!

  2. They turned out beautifully. Moose? You must be up north somewhere. Are we neighbors? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Wow! Those are great. I am packing my snowshoes (once I buy them) and heading your way.

    I'm bringing Cat to scare off any moose trying to invade my personal space.

    Just kidding.

    About the cat. He would not be happy with that snow touching his belly.


  4. Winter? What is this thing you call Winter? Lovely photos!

    Stop on by The Screaming Me-Me for some really big news.......

  5. Brian - Thanks :) Everything is white here as well, including the air around me at the moment. What with the amount of snow flying around, visibility is pretty low!

    Jen - Not too sure where you're from, so I don't know if we're neighbors or not. Perhaps you can answer that for me, I'm here in what some dub "Sunny Manitoba" but which I call Mani-snow-ba. My front yard (south) borders the U.S. border of North Dakota. In fact, these pics were taken less than half a mile from the actual border. Somehow I doubt I'd even really know if I accidentally crossed into the states illegally as right here it's all bush/forest.

    Minka - You are very welcome :)

    Reffie - Um, Hun, considering that Luke doesn't like cats, I don't think you bringing Cat here would be such a good Then again, Cat may be able to chase the moose away, but what would he do about a Cougar? We live in a Queen's hunting grounds, and although I haven't seen her yet, I have seen her tracks and heard her scream looking for a mate. With luck I'll be able to find her tracks again when I actually have a camera with me. Better yet, perhaps one day I'll actually see her!

    Me-Me - Winter is this thing that gets in the way of allowing people to go places and do things. The Kid got a day off school today because the bus couldn't get down our road to pick her up, she's not too happy about that because now she gets to spend part of the afternoon throwing wood into the basement to keep the house warm. Poor kid, no school (for her anyway) and she gets chores dumped onto her. Oh well, that's life in the bush, right!?!

    I'm on my way to check out the news, I hope it's better news than me missing work yesterday due to this fresh storm :)


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