Monday, February 1

You Know Your Brain Is On Overload When... do stupid things like I did yesterday!

The day started out normal enough, I got up early and wanted some toast and coffee. I went into the kitchen and low and behold I had to move some electric appliances that were used for supper in order to be able to use the toaster. I figured I'd get coffee started first and then I'd do the clean-up, smart idea right!?! Well, not if you're me in the brain addled mode I was yesterday, let me tell you! I ground up the beans and put that in the machine as is supposed to be done, then I added the water like a person is supposed to do and turn on the coffee maker. So far so good, coffee is brewing. What happens next is where the dumb stuff starts!

Instead of unplugging the food processor and putting it away in it's little cubby space or moving one of the bread machines, I unplugged the coffee-maker in order to haul out the toaster and plug it in. Yes you heard me correctly, the coffee that WAS brewing was canceled by my unplugging it! While my bread was toasting I came here to the land of blogs to do some catching up. I forgot about my toast, forgot about coffee, basically forgot about the world for about half an hour when my stomach started to talk to me. So off into the kitchen I go and there's my toast all nice and cold sticking up out of the toaster, well I can live with cold toast I suppose so I spread some peanut butter and honey on it and went to pour myself some coffee.

WHAT, no coffee!!! Now how on earth did that happen? Hmmmm, did I put in the grounds? Yep! Did I put in water? Check on that as well! How about turn it on? Yep, another check. So why didn't it brew? I stood there munching on my cold toast when it finally hit me! So, in my best Homer Simpson impersonation I slapped my forehead, said "DOH!", plugged in the coffee maker and came back to blogville.

I should have known better then to start any other things or to do anything else that required thinking. I should have known, honest I should have, but I didn't! I thought perhaps it was an isolated idiot moment. I was wrong!

I didn't really feel like doing much of anything yesterday, so that's what I did. Aside from visiting friends in here I basically bummed around, played chess with my kid and got thoroughly beat by her. She doesn't understand the game all that well and never manages to beat me. Yep, she beat me, check-mated me 3 times! Man was she happy about that! I don't know what I kept doing wrong, but she kept managing to capture my Queen and every other piece on the board. The one time I did finally beat her was by getting a pawn across and getting my Queen back. Oh happy day, I had a Rook, 2 more pawns and my Queen and I got her in check-mate.

After a few more games, we decided to go for a walk out in the bush. Brutally cold out but a nice walk with our snowshoes anyway. With the snow as deep as it was, Lucifer was getting sick of sinking and so decided that walking on the backs of my snowshoes would be a good way for him to keep from getting completely buried in the snow. I kept telling him to walk on his own feet and stay off of mine but it didn't help. I kept landing on my knees because I couldn't move my feet with his weight added to mine. The Kid just kept laughing and saying she wished she could video tape the walk because this was too funny.

Before we had gone out for our walk, I had started some laundry. I had washed my work jacket along with Silv's winter jacket and The Kid's school jacket and had already put them in the dryer. When we got back in they were in a laundry hamper sitting by my chair ready to be hung up in their corner. How nice I thought, Silv was helping with the laundry! I grabbed the jackets and realized they weren't fully dry yet and that was the start of my last folly for the day.

The Kid's jacket was indeed dry so she hung it up, in the meantime I brought Silv's and mine back downstairs to put back into the dryer. With jackets in hand I walked up to the wood furnace and was about to open the door when it hit me. You don't dry clothes in a furnace, you dry them in the dryer! "DOH" another Homer moment! Man would we ever have been screwed if my brain hadn't taken hold of itself in time to stop me from burning our jackets! Ever so sheepishly I walked back to the laundry room and placed the jackets on top of the dryer to await the next load's finishing so I could finish drying said jackets.

And that folks is how you know your brain is on overload and that you need a true break from work, housework and anything else involving thinking!


  1. Um, I'm sorry my brain fog is now visiting you. You can keep it, though. I don't want it back.

    I love to snowshoe!

  2. My favourite trick is to get the coffee all set up for morning so that all i have to do is hit the switch when I get up, and get up to realize that I hit the switch right after I'd set it up out of a force of habit, and now I have a pot of stale, many hours old coffee sitting there to greet me.

  3. Reffie - I definitely didn't get this from you, I've had problems with brain fog for more years than I can remember. I just haven't had any episode like this for about 2 years now (at least not that I can recall). It's the first sign that my fibro is not under control like I thought it was :(

    TattyTiara - Now that is a trick! I've done that as well, or how about setting the time for morning when it's evening and setting the coffee maker to start perking for the evening hours when you want it in the morning. Ever done that trick? I did that a lot when I first got this new machine (I have a post about it somewhere in my archive's from this past summer), now I just worry about how to brew a pot when I get up. The only time I use the program sequence is for when I actually know when I'll be getting up. Hmmm perhaps I should program it to brew 1/2 an hour before my alarm goes off as I'm usually up around

  4. Sounds as if you have a touch of blogger brain. A blogging buddy, Beyond Left Field, submitted this definition to Urban Dictionary...

    When one's brain has turned to a mass of useless matter, e.g., a loser or retard due to spending too much time blogging and not enough time in the "real" world.
    Early signs of "blogger brain" include: feelings of guilt for missing a post, signing in every hour to check for new comments, and forgetting your children's names...

  5. Me-Me, I certainly hope I don't forget my kids names, they're Not Me, Somebody Else and Nobody!

    Hmmm, not enough time in the real world? I would think 9 hours/day at work would suffice, but then again, if you were to ever walk into the kitchen where I work you wouldn't think it was the real world either. Insanity is one of the requirements to work

  6. My week has been like that too. I have put socks in the fridge, and chicken in the dryer (actually not a bad way to defrost). I have started my car to warm it up and then walked to my destination all while the car was still running. It's cabin fever or something.

  7. oh skye.

    at least you've gotten out of bed in the past two weeks and ate something other than cold pizza and ferro rochers.

    which is more than i can say for myself.

  8. Jen - Welcome here! That running up the car thing sounds like something I would have done when I still lived in I've put my coffee in the fridge, turned on the microwave and when it beeped that it was done got my coffee out of the fridge and couldn't figure out why it was still cold. It's all got to be cabin fever, yes, that's a very good excuse :D

    Brit - Oh my, my Dear, sounds like you're having some bad mojo or something! I wish I could stay in bed for a few days, I could use the rest. How about if I send you some of my work to do, would that help you any?

  9. Look, I one time brewed coffee without putting the pot back under the machine! We all have those moments, unfortunately.

  10. This is true Otin, we do all have those moments. It's just fun to poke fun at oneself when those moments do occur :D


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